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Pedagogical Design with Digital and Social Media and Mobile Social Learning (15+15 ECTS)

This course is created to meet the curriculum demands for pre- service and in-service teachers to integrate ICT in their teaching as well to impart digital skills to their current and future pupils. The course focuses on pedagogical and didactical possibilities and challenges in implementing current and changing technologies in teaching and learning.

Digital technologies in school and society

Focuses on social media in a learning context, pedagogical and educational perspectives, teachers’ beliefs and attitudes towards digital and social technologies and their design from a contemporary as well as historical perspective. It involves studying the concept of digital literacy, and the relevance of this concept for different contexts.

Designing digital learning environments

Focuses on the concepts and prin- ciples for design of digital learning environments, design methodologies and the modalities of social and digi- tal media. This theme also involves design and subject methodologies as well as classroom management in technology- rich environments.

Applications for social media

Focuses on giving the students experience in a range of learning technologies such as cyber com- munities, microblogs, wikis, blogs, video-sharing, visual programming and other emerging technologies and will explore the processes of designing, implementing and criti- quing technology-enhanced learning. Technologies for collaborative and peer learning are also relevant. Here we focus on home-school link, pos- sibilities and challenges of digital testing, peer assessment and portfolio methodologies. Cyberspace issues in social media such as e-safety, cyber ethics, privacy and copyright (author- ship), e-citizenship/empowerment/ participation. We will also explore how digital tools are focused on in different curricula, both national and international perspectives.

Mobile devices and services

In this theme the focus is on different devices that can be harnessed for learning purposes. The students will assess different devices such as tablet computers, smart phones, wear- able computers and other emerging mobile technologies and their edu- cational value. The notion of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will also be taken up and assessed with regards to their use in school, organization of the classroom and its management. Topics such as different alternatives to cloud computing services will be taken up.

Social games

In this theme we will take up gaming, focusing on both the possible educa- tional aspects in different game gen- res as well as creating games (visual programming). Cyberspace issues in social media such as e-safety, cyber ethics, privacy and copyright (author- ship), e-citizenship/empowerment/ participation will also be taken up. This theme focuses also on how ICT is focused on in different curricula, both national and international per- spectives. This theme also focuses on evaluating different technologies for learning purposes.


Seminar activities will be conducted in class, and students are expected to participate actively. Activities alternate between lectures, student seminars and practical sessions. A major part of the course is focused around students’ pedagogical project work. The students will collaborate on a given project which involves the development and design of a technol- ogy enhanced learning environment and testing it in a classroom situation.

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